Is this you?

I work with women just like you; going about your everyday life, which includes meeting and coping with the typical everyday demands of life.

You may be the type who welcomes new challenges, seeing them as opportunities to learn and grow.

Or you may be the type who easily gets upset with change and then privately wishes you were different.

There may also times when you're making a big transition or facing a difficult situation — and you recognize that some expert guidance could be useful. You'd welcome the insights, new ideas and viewpoints that an experienced coach can offer, so you can move through this transition with grace and skill.

Or, perhaps your life is going okay, yet deep down you know there is more for you in this world, and you’re not sure how to get there.

You're not alone.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked internationally with thousands of people in hundreds of organizations. Much of my coaching work was with developing strong and effective teams and team management. Inevitably, it always boiled down to the individuals and how they related and responded to each other and to change.

Let's create the life you want

We are always changing and transitioning, and we feel the effects in our bodies. Sometimes we get excited with new opportunities. Other times we get tense, frightened, or even angry.

Or, we may not feel a thing emotionally and suffer physiological symptoms such as headaches or gut issues. Your shoulders may ache at the end of the day.

You know it doesn't have to be this way, yet you do not know what to do and how to change.

I understand, and I'm here to help.

My unique coaching produces foundational change that affects all areas of life — personal and professional.

No matter where we go, our bodies go with us, right? What often surprises people is learning that the body holds one’s beliefs, truths, values…and future. As such, the body may either help or hinder us as we work to have satisfying relationships and achieve the successes we desire.

Is your body your greatest ally? Or, could your unexamined thoughts and habitual patterns be keeping you from designing your future, making the changes you want, or moving you toward your heart’s desires?

I combine the most powerful and practical coaching methods available today to help women worldwide to create the lives they want.

My approach

My work is the blending of several coaching disciplines – somatic (your body) and ontological (how you are being and acting). They are very much the same, yet have different qualities and purposes. We are our bodies and our language, which includes our histories. All make up our humanness.

Somatics reveals through the body your default behaviors and habitual thoughts. Many of these behaviors came from your family, communities, gender, religion – things you had no choice about.

Ontological refers to your way of being – your practices and linguistic habits that shape the possibilities you see for yourself and others. As you can see, ontology sounds very similar to somatics, which is why they are almost one in the same.

Untangling these, learning to feel and listen deeply to what wants to come forward, gives you the freedom to choose and through language, design the life you want and are proud to live.

Sound interesting? Learn more about my approach here.

“Only when we’re brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

~Brené Brown

Let's Explore Working Together

Are you facing a difficult challenge or a big transition? Or do you have a nagging little something that just will not go away? I offer a free consultation to safely explore those places or to be a strong "thinking partner" for your concern.