Confluence: an act or process of merging.

My area of expertise is working with language and the body. Our bodies have subtle, unexamined shapes and holdings that influence how we take advantage of or act upon opportunities. We also have assumptions and beliefs that influence our perceptions. While written as separate, our bodies and our thoughts are deeply connected.

As your coach, together we will untangle how your views, thoughts, your somatic shape, and habits create the life you have.

By sharpening your skills to observe and feel these view and habits, which are dynamic, we can relieve ourselves of the beliefs and stories that stand in the way of a purposeful and emotionally satisfying life.

When all our life forces are coherent, we are then free to discover and act upon our true purpose(s). The emotional tone of life changes – we can fulfill our ambitions, working and relating easier with others. Typical conflicts can become opportunities for mutual design, creating new and original outcomes. Satisfaction with life, and your life, gives rise to authentic joy.

Ontological coaching gets to the core of the background moods, beliefs and frames of mind that establish our life patterns and possibilities. How the world appears to us, which seems very real, is an interpretation based on our assumptions – both examined and unexamined. Consequently, the actions we take are because of this view.

Somatic awareness allows you to observe and feel the behaviors and thoughts, which are unconsciously practiced, that are shaping your body, and hence your life. You may want to feel relaxed and confident around certain people and yet find yourself unable to clearly present your ideas. Anger may overtake you in moment, when this is the last thing you want to happen. You may have a story that a person from your background or traumatic experience does not deserve or cannot achieve their dreams and ambitions.

These stories, beliefs and shapes can be released, allowing your body and you the freedom to live the life you long for and deserve. When we tap into the life in and of our bodies, we tap into our natural wisdom, attuning to our deeper longings and desires.




I thought I had dealt with events that happened 30 years ago. All my body knew how to do and feel was anger and criticism. I was taking my anger from past events out on my husband and children. With Merle’s gentle guidance and deep compassion, I could begin to feel my body and those long-buried emotions that were robbing me of joy. Slowly I learned the difference between the sensations of anger and the sensations of aliveness and generative energy. I am grateful I will not unknowingly pass these patterns on to my children.

Young woman



I kept attracting men who were not right for me. Friends said it was because I was a “caretaker.” That explanation didn’t change anything. In fact, it only made it worse. As the oldest child, I was told again and again not to be selfish and to help my brothers and sisters. I carried that into my adult life; if men were interested in me, I was right there to help. That did not make for healthy and rewarding partnerships. Merle helped me see that first, nothing was wrong with me. I was just very practiced at taking care. I learned how to change old patterns and habits. I now ask, does this relationship enrich me and do I love who I become when I am with that person? If the answer is no, I move on. I am no longer desperate, I am taking care of me first.


My approach combines the best of two worlds — somatic coaching and ontological coaching — bringing the two into a powerful confluence of body and language to transform your life.

Let's Discover Together

When your life forces are coherent, you are free to discover your true purpose and create a life you love. You can fulfill your ambitions, relate easier with others, and so much more. If you feel blocked or challenged in moving forward or creating the life you desire, I'd love to help.